Saturday, December 19, 2009

She smiles!!!!

For months we've been waiting for this little smile to appear. She smiled, but it took a lot of work. Now she is giggling and smiling all the time. It's the best feeling when I see her smile :)

She loves being put on Grandpa Hood's head!!!
This is "Ria Kitty". Our 86 year old neighbor, Ria, gave this to Jordyn. It plays 4 songs when you push her tummy and Jordyn can't get enough of her. Ria Kitty is one of the only ways to keep Jordyn still while changing her diaper.

This is Jordyn's face she makes constantly right now. Whenever she's interested in something she makes a small little "OH" with her mouth. It's so cute!
Jordyn's first basketball game (PSU vs. Gonzaga).

As you can see, she had no problem watching the WHOLE game! She didn't take her eyes off of the court for 40 minutes. What focus :) You can guess how thrilled Mike was to know this!

Lunch with Aunt Erica. That's a pickle she's trying below.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Halloween

Jordyn was a bumble bee for her 1st Halloween

Fall Leaves

Fall 2009, almost 7 months

Aunt Jenifer bought her this cute cowgirl dress. I thought it would be fun to take some fall pictures of them together!

Tasting a leaf

Active Little Girl

Jordyn loves to move around. She cruises all over the house now. Her favorite thing to do is flip over her basket and use it to stand up with. The picture below is how she sits a lot of the time. Mike calls it her "catcher's stance". One knee and one foot. She's working on her balance!

Jordyn is getting use to eating "real" food now. She loves it!!